Is Better Listening the Key to Development Success?


Is Better Listening the Key to Development Success?

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We understand that it took so much effort to listen to someone attentively, and get the correct interpretation out of it. Today, we will delve deeper into the discussion of whether better listening is the key to development success.

Let's explore the term 'better listener'. A better listener is someone who fully focuses on what another person is saying, engages with their thoughts, and gains a comprehensive understanding of their perspective.

It has become increasingly common for people to sometimes overlook others, not necessarily because they do so intentionally, but due to a lack of listening skills and awareness.

From the above interpretation, we can gather an idea of how important it is to be better at listening rather than merely being heard.

How it could be a help guide in your career path

A Japanese study found that individuals who believed someone was actively listening to them had their reward system activated. In this case, they are more likely to conclude any discussion with an optimistic approach and feel enthusiastic about it. 

Following the above study, better listening has always come with benefits, as it has been proven to be very effective in the corporate world. Suppose you're not a good listener; in that case, it could hinder your growth in many ways. There will be numerous chances where you might struggle to connect with your employers and couldn't have the wider view about a topic; this could leave you in a jeopardised situation.

You can interpret it as the client wanting a web application service from your company, but instead of truly listening to them, you're merely hearing and interpreting during the conversation. This behaviour might make them feel frustrated and annoyed. There could be consequences to bear for this attitude.

This lack of attentiveness fills your personality with indecisiveness and unawareness, which can significantly impact your overall career development. Conversely, if you listen carefully and are always ready to serve the company with innovative thoughts while considering their feedback or suggestions, it could impress both clients and employers alike.

Other Advantages of Better Listening

Great Importance In The Workplace -It's being noticed that if you adhere to the capability of better listening, you are likely the one who receives recognition in your workplace. You are more often appreciated by your employer, and ultimately, this could set the stage for achieving your future milestones.

Helps to build more knowledge - It is stated that listening carefully to someone could help you to become engaged with the topic and gain sufficient knowledge about it. Listening can bring combined benefits, where appreciation and deep-rooted knowledge become byproducts of it.

Helps in better understanding things - It is noted that better listening helps to break down complex thoughts and make them easier to comprehend. This ability could nurture a better understanding of any perspective in the given circumstances.

Helps to resolve conflict -  When we cultivate the quality of better listening, it becomes very normal for an individual to have a bird's-eye view of the problem and the potential to resolve the conflict with fairness, justice, and practicality.

Good Client Relationships - It is often said that in any corporate setting where listening plays a vital role, one must lend an ear. This is highly significant because it helps in building trust with clients, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction on their part.
Through attentive listening, clients perceive the level of enthusiasm and professionalism, thus forming impressions about the service provider.


In conclusion, it is recommended that being a better listener always helps, and this quality should be cultivated from the beginning so that one can strengthen their foundation and move ahead in life with the correct set of feedback.

You can take note of the six mantras to adopt this habit in your workspace, which are: Be attentive, always strive to reflect, summarise, share, avoid judgments, and last but not least, clarify.

This is definitely going to give a boost to your productivity and maintain good relationships between employers and clients. It is going to prove to be the cherry on top.